Market Stall

You can find our stal at the Hitchin Craft & Farmers Market, on the last Saturday of each month. Why not come along, buy some of our honey or just have a chat with one of the beekeepers. In the summer you will often find our observation hive on the stall, so you can watch the bees close up.

BuzzWorks honey is a natural product and, like all pure honey, will crystallise over time. This is a sign of its quality and the minimal processing we perform to retain aroma and flavor. The rapidity with which it crystallises and the size of the crystals depend on the amounts of different types of sugar in the nectar used by the bees. We "cream" some of our honey so it is "soft set" but really prefer to leave it natural as nature intended.



Apple Day

Apple day is arranged by Triangle Community Gardens to celebrate the apple harvest and is held in Hitchins old Market Place, in mid October.

We are glad to be included each year as honeybees are so important as one of the main pollinator of apple trees.