Honeyworks Beekeeping Centre

At the Honeyworks site you can learn how to keep honey bees and extract honey in a friendly, supportive environment, working alongside our experienced beekeepers in the Honeyworks Apiary.

Taster Days

Our Taster Day is designed for anyone who wishes to find out more about bees and to discover if bee-keeping is for them !

The one day course starts with a general introduction to beekeeping and a quick look at the typical beekeeping year, buts its not long before you put on a bee suite and venture into our Honeyworks apiary with our experienced beekeepers. Experience the magic of looking inside a beehive, watching the bees at work and trying to find the Queen in amongst the thousands of worker bees.

Our next Taster Day is on Sunday 16th September

Experience Days

Our Experience Day is aimed at beekeepers who are already familiar with beekeeping and maybe have their own hive in their garden.

The day can be tailored to meet individuals, focusing on specific topics they want to find out more about, such as diseases and treatments, or gain some experience of say a particular technique such as queen rearing or maybe even how to extract honey.

Experience days can be run on an individual basis or  in small groups if requirements & topics allow.

Beginners' Course

If you have attended one of our taster courses, or perhaps you have bees already and want some help and support in managing them better, then the beginners course is a must. The course runs once a year during the beekeeping season, allowing us to take you through the main stages of bee management, from swarm control, raising new queens, through to collecting and extracting that lovely honey.

Learners' Course

This course is focused on giving new beekeepers more detailed knowledge and experience, with an aim of getting to a level to pass the BBKA Basic Assessment certificate. This course has more theory, as you would expect, but still gives the beekeepers lots of practical experience looking after some of the honeyworks hives, putting their knowledge to the test and practicing some of the different techniques they will need to keep their bees happy and thriving.