Ashley Walker
Ashley has been beekeeping for about 13 years. Taught by Robin Dartington he took over the apiary at Benslow Music trust in 2009. As a horticultural therapist he has introduced bee keeping to people as a therapy when employed at Earthworks St Albans and Growing People in Letchworth. Ashley has helped to give taster courses for the last 6 years and has tutored the beginners course at Buzzworks for the last two years.

Paul Calvert
Paul started beekeeping in 2014 helping Ashley at the Benslow Music Trust Apiary in Hitchin. He quickly went on to get his basic bee certificate and has kept his own bees for 3 years now. He is also the treasurer and a trustee of Buzzworks.

Daryl Lusty
Daryl first started beekeeping on a beekeeping taster course at Benslow music trust before Honey Works was built. He helped with the creation of Honeyworks and has been beekeeping ever since. In 2017, together with Colin Ware he tutored the Basic Certificate course where all the candidates passed with flying colours.

Sarah Irons
Sarah started beekeeping on the beginners course at Cambridge BBKA in 2007. She is an experienced beekeeper and has kept her own bees in Dartington Hives for 10 years, and helped tutor the beginners course in 2017.