Our market stall is unfortunately closed at the moment due to the restrictions

Honeyworks beekeeping Centre looking lovely in the recent snow. Bees are keeping warm in their hives, but lots of deer tracks around the site

Swarm Collection

Unfortunately Buzzworks are unable to collect swarms at the moment, but there a number of local beekeepers who are willing to help.

You can either contact Bedfordshire beekeepers who also have a number of locally registered swarm collectors, see site below, or follow the link to BBKA, where you can enter your postcode in at the bottom of their swarm collecting page.

The BBKA site also provides useful information on how to identify a swarm of honey bees, so is worth reading before you call out a beekeeper.



Buzzworks Association

We are a volunteer association that looks to help people in and around Hitchin to discover and enjoy the world of bees and to learn the craft of beekeeping. We host visits to our Buzzworks Discovery Centre where you can enjoy the bee-friendly garden, beekeeping exhibition and watch the bees at work . We also provide training courses for new and experienced beekeepers at our Honeyworks Beekeeping Centre and support local beekeepers. You can find us on Hitchin Market on the last Saturday of every month, come along for a chat and buy some of our honey.


Beekeeper Training

Learn how to keep bees and extract honey at our Honeyworks Beekeeping Centre


We run a number of events and Bee Fun days during the year

Supporting Education

Our Buzzworks Bee Discovery Centre is open for family, school and group visits